Cancer Services

Thank you for contacting me about the #CatchUpWithCancer Campaign. I share the commitment of the campaign to see waiting lists for cancer treatment and care significantly reduced over the next few years.

In recent months, the Government has provided funding to help recover cancer services, and a plan that outlines how that funding will be spent effectively. For example, £6 billion is being allocated towards capital investment which will contribute towards expanding mobile diagnostics for cancer and upgrading MRI and screening technology.

It is right that this funding comes with high expectations for reducing cancer waiting times.  By March 2024, the NHS has set an ambition for 75 per cent of patients who have been urgently referred by their GP for suspected cancer to be diagnosed or have cancer ruled out within 28 days. 

The Government is currently developing a new 10 Year Cancer Plan, which will consider access to cancer treatments, including radiotherapy.

In the meantime, I also understand that payment arrangements for radiotherapy are being reviewed to ensure providers can increase access to new treatments and upgrade and replace equipment.  These arrangements are expected to be in place from April 2023.

I will be speaking in the future with the new ICS for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and am interested to hear their plans going forward for healthcare provision on the Island.

Thank you once again for taking the time to contact me.