Nuclear Weapons

Thank you for contacting me about nuclear weapons.

Last year, the Government published its integrated review of security, defence, development and foreign policy. 

While the UK’s resolve and capability to do so if necessary is beyond doubt, it makes sense for the UK to remain ambiguous about precisely when, how and at what scale the use of nuclear weapons would be contemplated. 

The UK has committed to not use, or threaten to use, nuclear weapons against any non-nuclear-weapon state party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons 1968. However, assurance rightly does not apply to any state in material breach of those non-proliferation obligations.

I know that the UK takes its responsibilities as a nuclear weapon state seriously and will continue to encourage other states to do likewise. The avoidance of war between Nuclear-Weapon States and the reduction of strategic risks are the Government’s foremost responsibilities and it will always endeavour to do everything in its power to reduce the likelihood of nuclear conflict, including resolving issues peacefully and diplomatically wherever possible.

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