Proportional Property Tax

Thank you for contacting me about council tax and the proposal by a lobbying group to impose a new house price tax on homes.

Council tax is a local charge for the use of local services. The current banding system reflects that larger homes make slightly greater use of local services, but intentionally, it is not a poll tax nor a wealth tax.

For the past decade, the Government has ensured that local taxpayers are able to veto excessive council tax increases in a local referendum.

I would note under the proposals by this lobbying group, many hard-working families and pensioners could see soaring bills, both within local authorities and across the country. In particular: 

  • The existing single person discount would be abolished, hitting widows and widowers the hardest. Such a house price tax fails to take into account that single person homes make reduced use of local services.
  • Annual revaluations would mean home improvements would be taxed, punishing people for doing up their home. Under the council tax system, material improvements are only taken into account when the home is sold. 
  • There would be no limit on the increase in taxes. When house prices rise, it would be very easy for a government or council to use that increase to hike the overall tax take by stealth, as bills would be based on house prices.

I am keen to see a reform of the Housing system generally. We need housing in modest numbers, for Islanders, in towns and on brownfield sites. We do not need unsustainable, low-density urban sprawl which has a negative impact on the environment.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me.