Bob Against Crossways Housing Development

Island MP Bob Seely is urging residents to back his campaign against the draft Island Planning Strategy – or Island Plan, by attending a meeting in East Cowes on Thursday where the proposed Crossways housing development will be under discussion. 

The houses are proposed in an already busy area of East Cowes in Beatrice Avenue, opposite the Hawthorn Meadows housing estate and adjacent to Queensgate Primary School and the East Cowes Family Centre.  

The Island Plan makes provision for 75 houses at the greenfield site, but plans are being drawn up by developers for more than 150 properties.  

A petition launched nearly two years ago to stop the building or planning applications on the field off Beatrice Avenue East Cowes gathered nearly 250 responses. 

Bob said: “We are seeing these unwanted, ill-suited and unsustainable developments time and time across the Island – Wellow, Northwood, Ryde, Bembridge, Brading. 

“We need new houses but these need to be the right type of houses, for Islanders, in the right locations. New houses must be built to benefit not developers, but Island people. Patently unsuitable development should not be encouraged by arbitrary housing targets. 

"Our housing targets are too high, and the houses planned are not primarily for Islanders."

Bob will be speaking to East Cowes Town Council at its Full Council meeting on Thursday 18 at starting at 7pm in the Town Hall.  

“Anyone concerned about the proliferation of housing – whether they are East Cowes residents or not - are welcome to attend. The fight against inappropriate development is one to be fought together.” 

IW Council member for Osborne and Whippingham, Cllr Stephen Hendry said: “East Cowes has had its fair share of housing in recent times. We have approximately 1,700 homes built across developments such as Hawthorn Meadows, Osborne Heights, The David Wilson Home site, the Barratt’s Marina and other smaller developments.  

“East Cowes is at capacity. Our infrastructure is being pushed to its limits, the new housing that is still being built is not being filled and this high-density development does not enhance our community.  

“We need to keep the green space between East Cowes and Whippingham. Our two unique communities need to be preserved.  

“I am working with Bob to urge the IW Council to scrap the proposals to develop the Crossways site. Residents share my concern over this, and we will together oppose any attempts to bring it forward for housing. It’s time we said enough is enough.”