Housing Minister agrees to help IW Council build more Council homes

MP Bob Seely this week (Mon) demanded that Government do more to support house-building for the Island – and won an agreement from the Housing Minister that he would work with the IW Council.

Bob is campaigning to improve the Island Plan so that houses are built in suitable numbers, for Islanders. He is campaigning against greenfield developments.

Bob said: “In relation to local plans and housing the IW Council wants to set up a company to build council housing and I strongly support this. It says that it can’t access the necessary funds because it does not have a housing revenue account.”

Bob asked the Minister what he can do to help the IW Council build housing for Islanders.

In his response Mr Malthouse congratulated Mr Seely for working closely with the council with its aspiration to build more council homes and said: “This is exactly the sort of action we want to see from local authorities.

“I am aware that quite a lot of councils in that situation don’t have a housing revenue account despite us lifting the cap and enabling them to access the funding that they need and I’d be more than happy to arrange for his councillors, or council officials, to meet with my officials to determine how they could establish just such an account.”

Bob said: “The Island Plan in its current form is not fit for purpose. I want to see housing for Islanders, built in appropriate numbers, in existing communities.  Too much housing on the Island is not built for Islanders, the scale of building is damaging communities. Over-development will damage our quality of life and our tourism economy. I want to support the Council in prioritising house-building for Islanders, but it needs to be done well.  I hope that our Council officers meeting with the Government will help to unlock funding.”