Bob Seely MP said: “While everyone would have preferred GCSE and A level exams and assessments to have gone ahead this summer, cancelling them was the right decision to help tackle the coronavirus outbreak. I appreciate the enormous pressure this has put on students and teachers this year and I am keen to see students receiving results that reflect the work they put in prior to, and during, lockdown.

“I have received a few emails from Island parents who are concerned about the grades their children have been awarded and, having read their emails, I share their concerns and will be raising these with the Government to ensure they are fully aware of how the current system is impacting the lives of some young people. I note the steps the Scottish Government has now taken, choosing to award students with grades predicted by their teachers, and I believe there is a case for the Government to consider adopting this approach. We must take account of the fact that we are living in unprecedented times and recognise what our young people have been through.

“There are two important points to make. First, any student unable to receive a calculated grade, or who would like to improve their grade, will have an opportunity to take exams in the autumn, or could retake at a later date. Second, students can appeal – through their school or college – if they believe the process this summer was not followed correctly in their case. I strongly encourage all students with concerns about their grades to consider these options and do what is right for them.

“If anyone wishes to raise concerns with me about A level results this year please do contact me. I am particularly interested to hear from teachers.

“Finally, I would like to congratulate the many Isle of Wight students who have secured the grades they hoped for, or needed, and I wish them well for the future.”