Islanders are being asked to complete a survey on their experiences of using the new NHS Covid-19 app - which Island MP Bob Seely says is important in shaping the app before it’s rolled out nationwide.


Thousands of letters from the Department of Health and Social Care have already started arriving through Isle of Wight letterboxes asking Islanders to complete the survey – whether they have used the app or not.


The Government says the feedback will help them to make changes to the app and understand how the app can be used safely to exit the lockdown.


Bob said: “This survey is important in the further development of the NHS Covid-19 app. Our experiences can help to shape the app before it is rolled out to the rest of the country.


“Feedback provided in the survey will help the app development team to make this app the best it can be. I encourage all Islanders who have the letter to complete the short online survey, or there is a freephone number if people prefer. 


“The Isle of Wight is leading the way with testing this app which will help keep us all safe as lockdown measures start to be lifted over the next few weeks and months.


“I encourage anyone who hasn’t got the app yet to do so and I thank all those who have downloaded the app and provided feedback so far. You are all making a difference and playing a key part in preparing our country to emerge from the lockdown.”


Up to two Islanders per household, provided they are over the age of 16, are invited to take part in the survey.