MP Bob Seely Calls for more support for Local Pubs

MP Bob Seely is joining the Island’s Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), in urging the government to give more protection to local pubs who are tied to large pub owning companies.

Bob and CAMRA are asking Government to tighten up the Pubs Code which offers support to landlords by regulating the relationship between tied pub tenants and the large pub-owning businesses – so-called pubcos.

Landlords, including those who have recently closed their pubs on the Island, claim pubcos charge unfair rents and also compel them to buy their products at high prices. 

IW CAMRA Chairman, John Nicholson, said: “There is an unprecedented number of pub closures on the Island and some landlords say this is because of their relationship with pubcos.

“The Pub Code is not serving its purpose. Profits are, in some cases, extorted from publicans forcing prices up for the customer, whilst the publican gets clobbered for rates on turnover. Some Island publicans make a trading loss as the pubco creams off the profits and gets away scott-free.

Bob Seely said: “I am keen to see our local publicans getting more support from the Pub Code. The current code is not working, and something must be done. 

“I am working with both Conservative and Labour party colleagues to push the government for this review in the Spring and I encourage Island publicans to send me their thoughts and opinions so that these can be fed into a review.

“We need to give publicans greater support and to enable local pubs to thrive.”

Comments on the issue can be sent to Bob at