MP Bob Seely is urging Island businesses to apply for Rural Development Programme funding

MP Bob Seely is urging Island businesses to apply for funding from the £200 million Rural Development Programme to help create jobs and better infrastructure.

Grants are available to support new rural broadband projects, and provide significant amounts of funding to on-farm businesses to invest in new buildings and machinery.

The cash can also fund landowners to improve farm productivity and invest in rural tourism opportunities.

“For an Island like ours, with large tourism and agricultural sectors, this funding could make a big difference and I hope many businesses will look to apply so they can invest in new facilities and create more jobs,” said Bob.

“It’s good to see the Government has moved quickly to honour a manifesto pledge to bring sustainable growth to rural economies, entrepreneurs, farmers and landowners. By doing so, it’s showing a commitment to providing support on our Island and across England to create a strong and prosperous rural and tourist economy.”

The first grant funding for reservoirs and forestry equipment opens soon, while funding for broadband, rural business support, on-farm food processing, arable and horticultural productivity and resource efficiency will be made available later in the year.

More information about the grants is available by clicking here