MP Praise for Staff at Newport Job Centre

MP Bob Seely has praised staff at Newport Job Centre for their work in getting Island people back to work and in implementing universal credit.  

During a recent visit to Broadlands House Bob met the local leadership team to discuss the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) priorities, universal credit and how it is working on the Island as well as the general employment situation on the Island. Bob saw first-hand the variety of support given to enable customers to feel supported and move towards and into work.

Bob said: “This was a valuable visit to meet with DWP staff. It was great to meet so many people there who deal with customers on the ground to really understand the issues faced by Islanders.

“It was good to hear that youth unemployment is falling faster on IW than nationally. The number of people aged 18-24 claiming unemployment related benefits has fallen by 61% over the last five years, compared to a reduction of 47% nationally.”

“I was heartened by the support for universal credit among DWP staff. I am very proud of the work that the DWP staff do and I would like to thank them for working so hard to get people into jobs and raise aspirations among Islanders.”

Job Centre Work Coach Team Leader, Rob Sherman, said: “It was good to meet Bob and to discuss the tailored 1-1 support offered by our Work Coaches.

“Bob was keen to support a project we are developing with Spectrum Housing to raise aspirations for Young People. We would be very keen to hear from businesses who would like to be involved with this initiative - specifically those who would be able to offer work experience or mentoring.

“Bob is interested in the creation of new jobs on the Island and would like to bring more skilled work to local residents, which we welcome.”