MP takes action to prevent people making unintended online payments

MP Bob Seely has taken action following a request for help from one of his constituents whose son inadvertently spent money playing a game online that he thought was free. 

As previously reported, Susie Breare contacted Bob about her disabled son Michael who lost over £3,000 on what he believed was a ‘free’ online game.

Though Michael believed the game was free to play and that card details were necessary only once extra features were accessed, he began to unwittingly run up a bill from the onset.

Realising what had happened, Mrs Beare asked Bob for help.

Bob took immediate action and wrote to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Nicky Morgan MP, to ask what steps were being taken by the Government to rectify the issues faced by Michael and others in similar situations.

Bob asked the Secretary of State to what extent the issues faced by his constituent have affected people across the country and, if this is a national problem, what steps the Government can take to help.

Bob has also written to the Chief Executive of the company responsible for the game ‘Hidden Artifacts’ to try to obtain a refund for his constituent.

Bob said: “It is important that action is taken not only to obtain compensation for this Isle of Wight family but also to try to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

“Compensation for Michael is the first step, but his case appears to have raised wider issues that need to be addressed, urgently.”