Island organisations are being invited to take part in this year’s UK Parliament Week - an annual festival that aims to engage local people with the UK Parliament.

The event, which aims to strengthen democratic links between communities and their national parliament, was well supported on the Island last year with around 30 events – a number involving MP Bob Seely - being held.

Ten organisations have already signed up to this year’s event which will run between 1-7 November, however, Bob is keen for more organisations to get involved.

He said: “The idea is to explore with local groups what parliament means to them and to empower them to get involved in the decisions that affect them.

“Last year there were 29 events across the Island and our festival was rated joint 13th out of 40 constituencies who took part. I’m grateful to those organisations who got involved last year; I’d like to see us build on that this year.

“Democracy is important and requires engagement. Parliament week is a great way of getting residents – especially the young – engaged.

“Events can be both informative and entertaining. Debate is so important to democracy and I am encouraged by the amount of engagement from the Island last year particularly from schools and youth organisations.

“Through my school visits I know that children have good ideas around how they can shape their world, so I encourage schools to sign up and show children how they can make a difference.”

Further details on how to sign up to the UK Parliament event can be found here