MP welcomes IW Council support to tackle housing targets

MP Bob Seely has welcomed the news that the IW Council is prepared to work with him to challenge the Government-set housing targets for the Island – which demands 9,600 new homes be built across the Island in the next 15 years.

IW Council Leader, Dave Stewart, said he will work closely with the Island’s MP to argue the Island’s unique circumstances and what could realistically be achieved in terms of housing delivery.

Bob said: “I’m pleased that the IW Council is listening to residents’ concerns that the Island cannot cope with this level of new housing.  

Bob has held ten public meetings so far – which have been attended by representatives from the IW Council – to raise awareness of the housing proposals for the Island and hear what Islanders have to say about them.

Bob said: “Members of the IW Council have clearly heard residents’ concerns and are now responding. This is good news. We need to work together to tackle the Government on these targets.

“I’m glad that the IW Council has announced that the Local Plan will be redrafted and will be subject to further consultation before it is agreed.

“I encourage Islanders to engage in that consultation when it’s launched in March to make their views known.

“No one is arguing that we don’t need new housing. What the Island is saying is that it has to be primarily for Islanders, young and old, and it needs to be in appropriate numbers, in existing communities near existing services, not on unsustainable green field sites.

“I will work with the Council to develop an evidence-based plan. I very much hope to have the chance to discuss this with Councillors soon.”

Nearly 6,500 people have taken part Bob’s survey and petition against the housing targets which can be found here: 

Bob welcomes invitations from Island towns and villages wishing to discuss the proposals in their area.