Parliament's library to undertake research relating to the Isle of Wight and other UK islands

Island MP Bob Seely has set out the parameters for a parliamentary research project into the challenges UK Islands face.

Bob, who is chair of the new All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on UK Islands, has submitted detailed questions to the House of Commons Library on a wide range of topics.  These include the cost of ferries, broadband speeds, education standards, demographics, transport subsidies, the cost and impact of fix links and the cost of being an island.

“This information is being sought so that we can better understand island communities throughout Britain," Bob Seely.

"The answers that we get will enable us to build an informed understanding of the differences - and shared experiences - of island communities across the UK, from the Isle of Wight, the Scilly Isles, Anglesey to the many Scottish Islands,” said Bob.

“The new group I chair is ready and able to make a strong case for UK islands but we must have a detailed evidence base to help us when talking to Government and advocating for time in Parliament to discuss these matters.  These questions start that process.

"Although the information will be useful for all MPs representing island communities in the UK, I am particularly focused on the specific challenges facing the Isle of Wight.  I look forward to receiving the answers so our group can use the evidence to enable Government to listen to UK Islands - and the Isle of Wight - more."

Bob made a manifesto pledge to set up the APPG during the General Election campaign.

A link to a copy the questions Bob has submitted is provided below.


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