Post Office services look set to return to West Cowes’ town centre

Post Office services look set to return to West Cowes’ town centre following successful lobbying from the Island’s MP Bob Seely.

Bob met with the company in the summer to ask them to reconsider their position as the only PO counter was inside the Co-op at Mil Hill Road, some way from the centre.

The MP told the Post Office the lack of central facilities was made worse by having no banks open in West Cowes with only a mobile Lloyds van visiting.

The Post Office has now said it is willing to explore interest from retailers in West Cowes who wish to apply for a PO service.

“This is most welcome news for West Cowes and comes on the back of another announcement from the Post Office that is will open a branch in East Cowes too early next year,” said Bob.

“I’m pleased I was able to successfully lobby on behalf of residents and businesses and persuade the Post Office to look again at its decision about PO services in the town.

“Having such an important facility back in the centre is potentially a big boost for retailers and for local people and I look forward to seeing a business come forward to take on the job.”

Interested parties will need to formally apply for the service and pass the Post Office’s recruitment process. Anyone interested should visit this link:…

The East Cowers Post Office will open at the Central Convenience Stores, Osborne Garage in York Avenue on 26 January next year.