Timetable of EU Withdrawal Bill

Thank you to those who have written to me regarding the upcoming vote this Monday on the EU Withdrawal Bill.

As a supporter of the Leave Campaign I am delighted that the Government are taking the expressed will of the people seriously and not trying to undermine our exit from the European Union. There have been many claims made regarding the severity and process of this Bill. I do not think this criticism is a fair reflection of what the Bill sets out.

The primary purpose of this Bill is to ensure that there is a smooth transition after Brexit. This is achieved by incorporating all EU law into UK Law, therefore allowing Parliament to change it if and when they choose after we have left the EU. This is a sensible approach providing certainty for business. At a time when the UK must show a united front to strengthen our negotiating position, I shall be supporting a quick passage of this bill, and I would encourage all my colleagues to do the same.