Shark Finning

I agree that this is an important issue and I am pleased the UK has a strong track record in marine conservation, leading the charge to ban shark finning across the EU.

Overseas Operations Bill

I understand that you will have concerns regarding the incorrect use of the Overseas Operations Bill.

Internal Market Bill

It is important that we protect the UK Internal Market Bill. Many businesses depend on trade with the home nations more than any other partner.

Young People’s Wellbeing

It must be a matter of priority for all of us that we do everything in our power to ensure our children are happy and healthy. I know Ministers share this view and I am reassured that many steps are already being taken towards this goal.

Fur Trade

We are a nation of animal lovers, so it is only right that we have some of the highest welfare standards in the world. In addition to fur farming being banned in the UK, I am pleased to note that the import of fur products is tightly regulated.