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Planning and housebuilding

Our housebuilding agreement with Michael Gove will help deliver the community-led planning system we need Bob Seely and Theresa Villiers The Telegraph 05/12/2022
Government’s planning policy needs a rethink Bob Seely The Times 23/11/2022
The Conservative Party must change or risk being bulldozed by their own voters Bob Seely The Telegraph 21/06/2021
The case against planning revolutionaries – and their flawed assumptions about how to get housing done Bob Seely ConservativeHome 18/06/2021
The Government’s current approach to housing needs intelligent, sensitive reforms – not a complete overhaul Bob Seely ConservativeHome 05/06/2021
Ministers must revise the housing plan to give our cities the homes they need Bob Seely ConservativeHome 08/10/2020
'Computer says no' house building plan is another own goal Bob Seely The Telegraph 28/09/2020
The Government must urgently re-assess its misguided housebuilding strategy Bob Seely ConservativeHome 11/09/2020
Scrap the automatic Right to Buy. And nine other ideas to make housing sustainable Bob Seely ConservativeHome 15/07/2019
My housing challenge to think tanks. Devise a strategy that will prize social justice above economic liberalism Bob Seely ConservativeHome 10/06/2018



The Russian Way of War Bob Seely Foreign Affairs 24/11/2023
Biden has just made his worst decision on Ukraine so far Bob Seely The Telegraph 06/07/2023
Russia’s summer of political and military chaos. And what it means for the war in Ukraine. Bob Seely ConservativeHome 27/06/2023
The threat of nuclear war is now higher than ever before Bob Seely and Hamish De Bretton-Gordon The i 12/06/2023
Vladimir Putin is preparing to attack the UK Bob Seely The Telegraph 0/04/2023
Putin is preparing for a nuclear showdown - we must be ready Bob Seely and Hamish De Bretton-Gordon The Telegraph 15/03/2023
What Russia Says About Nuclear Weapons And What It Means Bob Seely et al. 1945 14/03/2023
We MUST give Ukraine the tools to finish this war, writes Bob Seely MP Bob Seely The Daily Mail 08/02/2023
How Sunak can help Russia’s political prisoners Bob Seely The Times 18/01/2023
Why arming Ukraine to win is the least bad option for the West Bob Seely  ConservativeHome 11/01/2023
Why the loss of Kherson is bad for Russia – but not fatal Bob Seely ConservativeHome 14/11/2022
We are entering a terrifying new phase of the Russo-Ukraine war Bob Seely The Telegraph 02/10/2022
How should the West respond to Putin’s nuclear threats? Bob Seely The Spectator 21/09/2022
Our visit to Kyiv, meeting with Zelensky, and my sense of the opportunities and dangers ahead Bob Seely ConservativeHome 20/09/2022
Russia and the war. 3) Tactics. Bob Seely ConservativeHome 17/03/2022
Russia and the war. 2) Its military. Bob Seely ConservativeHome 16/03/2022
Russia and the war. 1) Its aims. Bob Seely ConservativeHome 15/03/2022
What Moscow doctrine says about using nuclear and chemical weapons Bob Seely ConservativeHome 09/03/2022
We should have deterred a Russian invasion decades ago Bob Seely The Times 25/02/2022
The current climate in Bosnia is a concern for the international community Bob Seely The Times 01/02/2022
Putin is ready to gamble on war with the West Bob Seely The Telegraph 16/11/2021
How Russia’s spies became the best known secret agents on the planet Bob Seely The Spectator 04/10/2018
With Putin buying some EU states and bullying others, Britain cannot expect a united front on sanctions Bob Seely The Telegraph 21/08/2018
Ten steps to defend our country against the aggression and subversion of Putin’s Russia. Bob Seely ConservativeHome 06/09/2018
Russia is waging a new kind of conflict Bob Seely and Dr Andrew Foxall The Times 04/06/2018
Ukraine's flirtation with fake news could be disastrous for the West Bob Seely The Telegraph 31/05/2018
Kremlin-linked oligarchs’ money is used to harm our democracy – we must defend ourselves Bob Seely ConservativeHome 21/05/2018
How Russia's trolls and propagandists have turned Soviet disinformation into a terrifying art form Bob Seely The Telegraph 16/04/2018
The toolkit for Kremlin’s new warfare Bob Seely and Alya Shandra The Times 02/04/2018
How to stop cyber-savvy Vladimir Putin fixing the next election to get Jeremy Corbyn into No10 Bob Seely The Sun 25/03/2018
Why the Kremlin likes using poison Bob Seely The Spectator 06/03/2018



Ignore the naysayers who insist we're too weak to stand up to China. We need the courage to get tough, just like Australia has Bob Seely Daily Mail 12/09/2023
China cannot be allowed to dominate Britain and force us to rely on them, says Bob Seely Bob Seely Express 30/08/2023
We need to protect ourselves when it comes to dealing with China, says BOB SEELY Bob Seely Express 13/07/2023
Don’t let China win the peace in Ukraine Bob Seely and Helena Ivanov The Telegraph 22/06/2023
Welcoming Hong Kongers shows Global Britain is willing to do more than virtue signal Bob Seely The Telegraph 31/01/2021
China's data gathering must serve as a wake-up call for the British Government Bob Seely The Telegraph 13/09/2020
It’s not all good news for Huawei Bob Seely Spectator US 14/07/2020
A new reality means a new, realistic British policy towards China Bob Seely CapX 09/07/2020
We do not want to see China undermining the rules-based global order Bob Seely and Iain Duncan Smith The Telegraph 08/06/2020
While we are distracted by Covid-19, China prepares to seize Hong Kong – and crush freedom Bob Seely ConservativeHome 24/05/2020
Our leaders must wake up: dependence on China is dangerous Bob Seely The Times 14/05/2020
Our allies have said, ‘No way, Huawei’ - we should take the threat seriously and do the same Bob Seely The Times 26/01/2020
Why the Government should listen to our allies and say: no way, Huawei Bob Seely ConservativeHome 13/01/2020
Hong Kong shows us we must be clearer about defending our values Bob Seely Sydney Morning Herald 02/09/2019
When it comes to the rights of Hong Kongers, Britain must be clearer with China Bob Seely The Telegraph 01/09/2019
Donald Trump is absolutely right about Huawei, and anyone interested in being PM should listen Bob Seely The Telegraph 02/06/2019
The contents of the Huawei leak are the real threat to national security Bob Seely The Telegraph 02/05/2019
There's no way we can trust the tech arm of the Chinese state to run our communications Bob Seely and John Hemmings The Telegraph 24/04/2019
Williamson is right. China and Huawei are threats to our security Bob Seely ConservativeHome 30/12/2018


Other foreign affairs

Iran and its Hamas proxy have been emboldened by Western weakness: Hybrid warfare expert BOB SEELY explains how Tehran's tentacles are spreading remorselessly through the Middle East Bob Seely Daily Mail 07/10/2023
Afghanistan: a long-term strategy is needed Bob Seely The Times 18/08/2021
We have to keep our promise to the world's poorest - and save the 0.7 per cent target Bob Seely New Statesman 11/12/2020
Britain can lead in the new age of warfare Bob Seely The Telegraph 19/11/2020
Abolishing DfID 1) The case for. “Is this the be all and end all? No. But it is a great start.” Bob Seely ConservativeHome 17/06/2020
Bob Seely: How to make our foreign policy really work for Britain Bob Seely ConservativeHome 27/01/2020
How should Britain react to the escalating crisis in Iran? Bob Seely The Telegraph 08/01/2020
Trump may have just re-ignited a ‘hot cold war’ in the Middle East Bob Seely ConservativeHome 03/01/2020
How Iran is seeking to hit the West where it hurts – at the petrol pumps Bob Seely ConservativeHome 19/09/2019
In the Gulf, we are paying the price for starving defence of funding for so long Bob Seely ConservativeHome 23/07/2019
Proposals for CANZUK Bob Seely The British Interest 15/06/2019
Julian Assange, useful idiot and Left-wing dupe, will finally have to answer for his actions Bob Seely The Telegraph 11/04/2019
The rule of law is an absolute. It cannot be dispensed with when we deal with ISIS terrorists Bob Seely ConservativeHome 15/02/2019
Where do the midterms leave the Mueller investigation? Bob Seely CapX 09/11/2018
We need a list of lobbyists for hostile states Bob Seely The Times 25/10/2018
What does Global Britain really mean? Bob Seely CapX 02/10/2018
The online activists who found the Salisbury 'hitman' are our best weapon against Putin's lies Bob Seely The Telegraph 27/09/2018
Bob Seely and James Rogers: Britain remains remarkable - let’s challenge the ‘New Declinism’ Bob Seely and James Rogers ConservativeHome 23/08/2018
Perhaps the first war in which hospitals are the primary target. What I saw and heard on Syria’s border Bob Seely ConservativeHome 25/07/2018
The Answer To Yemen Is Neither Bombs Nor Bribes - Britain Needs A New Plan Bob Seely and Elisabeth Kendall HuffPost 17/05/2018
Bob Seely: Labour’s press chief Seumas Milne ‘peddled Putin’s lies’ Bob Seely The Times 06/05/2018
I’m a Tory MP and former soldier. Bombing Syria would make things worse Bob Seely The Guardian 12/04/2018
Syria's humanitarian disaster is fast becoming a global crisis Bob Seely CapX 09/04/2018
Australia's critical role in fighting weapons of influence Bob Seely Sydney Morning Herald 24/02/2018
Seven reasons why Liam Fox is wrong to question Sir David Richards’ assertion that British forces may need to remain in Afghanistan for decades Bob Seely ConservativeHome 13/08/2009
We shouldn’t have supported Kosovan independence Bob Seely ConservativeHome 15/04/2008




Brits want Government to get to grips with legal and illegal immigration – here’s how I would do it Bob Seely The Sun 25/11/2023
Lessons from the Cummings era about leadership, decentralisation, localism – and making more use of MPs Bob Seely ConservativeHome 25/11/2020
What the Isle of Wight has learned from trialling the NHS’s Coronavirus App Bob Seely ConservativeHome 20/05/2020
In defence of the Isle of Wight’s suitability for tracking and tracing Bob Seely The Spectator 03/05/2020
Let’s use the Isle of Wight as a testing ground to solve our lockdown dilemma Bob Seely The Telegraph 26/04/2020
Britain’s islands provide the perfect trial setting for the Government’s track and trace strategy Bob Seely The Telegraph 23/04/2020
HS2 is a super turkey. Let’s invest in northern rail instead Bob Seely The Telegraph 28/12/2019
Why I resigned my government position to oppose HS2 Bob Seely The Telegraph 17/07/2019
Saving Britain billions. Ideas for the contenders in this leadership contest. Bob Seely ConservativeHome 09/06/2019
Why I’m backing Michael Gove Bob Seely CapX 31/05/2019
I am shocked by fellow MPs who think the will of Parliament trumps the will of the People Bob Seely The Telegraph 14/03/2019
Brexit is within reach. Why do so many Leavers refuse to grasp it? Bob Seely CapX 12/03/2019
Bloody Sunday prosecutions would betray our armed forces Bob Seely ConservativeHome 05/03/2019
We Tories must not condemn ourselves to irrelevance like Labour, by driving out discontented MPs Bob Seely The Telegraph 19/02/2019
The Withdrawal Agreement is the only way we can guarantee Brexit won’t be stolen Bob Seely The Telegraph 22/01/2019
MPs voting down May’s Brexit deal are the elite revolting against democracy Bob Seely The Guardian 14/01/2019
Arrogant Remainer MPs are steering us towards a democratic car crash Bob Seely The Telegraph 09/12/2018
This deal isn’t perfect. If it can be improved, great. But let’s not make the best the enemy of the good Bob Seely ConservativeHome 17/11/2018
Hunt must face up to the harsh strategic realities facing Britain Bob Seely ConservativeHome 01/11/2018
Yes, Brexit and leadership are important. But so’s everything else. Here are some ideas for the future Bob Seely ConservativeHome 18/09/2018
How Jeremy Hunt can breathe life into Britain’s global aspirations Bob Seely CapX 10/07/2018
Forget Brexit, there is a much bigger divide in the Conservative Party Bob Seely CapX 21/06/2018
Karl Marx’s sinister legacy of anti-Semitism Bob Seely The Spectator 04/04/2018
Post-Brexit, we need to be the world’s smart power nation. Let’s make it happen Bob Seely ConservativeHome 22/01/2018
The new emphasis on looking after veterans is one of the most important things to have come out of the Iraq War Bob Seely ConservativeHome 11/10/2009
Is Patriotism going to be the next big political idea? Bob Seely ConservativeHome 28/09/2009
The lessons the Conservatives must learn from the Labour Government’s appalling treatment and use of the Armed Forces Bob Seely ConservativeHome 05/09/2009
Lib Dem co-operation on civil liberties? Bob Seely and Bill Melotti ConservativeHome 10/02/2007