My Plan

Early in 2024, I set out "My Plan" - my priorities for the next 12 months, and beyond.

This builds on the progress we have made so far in securing a better deal for the Island, and sets out how - working with others - I intend to go further.

  • More police officers, safer streets

    We're getting a better deal on policing. We have already recruited an additional 500 police officers for the Hants and the Isle of Wight Constabulary. We’re also ensuring that our police spend more time on the beat.

  • Fighting for better education

    Education is a success story in England. Reading achievement in Year 5 is now amongst the best in the world and the percentage of good or outstanding schools in England has gone up from under 70 percent to near 90 percent.

  • Better opportunities for Islanders

    Island pay is similar to the rest of the country but below the South East. I want to get a better deal on jobs to give Islanders better life chances and better opportunities.

  • Protecting our Island’s environment

    On planning and the environment, we need to protect more of the Island’s unique landscape and environment, including our rivers, seas and green spaces. We need a more appropriate housing target for the Island and I want to see more action from Southern Water to reduce storm overflows.

  • Investing in Isle of Wight's healthcare

    Many healthcare services like those provided at St Mary’s Hospital are too critical to be provided on the mainland. I’m focused on supporting St Mary’s as well as improving access to GP and dental services on the Island.

  • Getting a better deal on transport and infrastructure

    In 2019, we secured the biggest investment in rail on the Island in 50 years to upgrade our trains, stations, and track; repair Ryde Railway Pier; and keep trains running to Ryde Pier Head. 

    I’m committed to improving transport for Islanders, including bus and ferry services.