Getting a better deal on transport and infrastructure

In 2019, we secured the biggest investment in rail on the Island in 50 years to upgrade our trains, stations, and track; repair Ryde Railway Pier; and keep trains running to Ryde Pier Head. 

I’m committed to improving transport for Islanders, including bus and ferry services.

In 2019, working with the Council we secured a £26 million upgrade to rolling stock, stations and track on the Island. Next, I secured a £20 million investment to repair Ryde Railway Pier.

In 2023, the Council and I secured £13.6 million to build a series of interlinked transport projects including walking and cycling networks across the Island.On the ferries, I want the ferry firms to acknowledge their public service obligations and provide more affordable and reliable sailings.

For 2024, we’re:

1. Extending the £2 cap on single bus fares on Southern Vectis routes across the Island,

2. We will start to get the West Wight cycle route built and

3. We will finish work at Ryde Esplanade.