More police officers, safer streets

We're getting a better deal on policing. We have already recruited an additional 500 police officers for the Hants and the Isle of Wight Constabulary. We’re also ensuring that our police spend more time on the beat. Chief Constable Scott Chilton became the first police leader to ditch a requirement for police officers to have degrees, preferring to have 'more officers on the street' learning on the job rather than in classrooms. That has freed up 100,000 more police hours. (…).

As part of getting a better deal for the Island, we’ve already recruited 30 new Isle of Wight police officers to make our streets safer for you and your family. Donna Jones has also agreed to my request for the retune of dedicated Roads Police Unit officers to the Island to deal with dangerous driving. Donna and I are also working on better ways to to support victims of sexual assaults. 

Our plans for 2024 mean that we are

  • Opening a new police station in Cowes

  • Re-opening Ryde police station to the public

  • Assigning a dedicated police officer to every community

We have also ensured that the name of the forces has been changed to include the Island in the force's title: Hampshire and the Isle of Wight