Protecting our Island’s environment

On planning and the environment, we need to protect more of the Island’s unique landscape and environment, including our rivers, seas and green spaces. We need a more appropriate housing target for the Island and I want to see more action from Southern Water to reduce storm overflows.

After several years of research and negotiation, I secured a landmark deal with the Government to allow the Isle of Wight to claim exceptional circumstances in planning policy. Now, the Council can focus on housing for Islanders, whilst regenerating our towns and protecting our landscape. 
We’ve persuaded Southern Water to make the Island a ‘pathfinder project’ – an example of best practice for reducing storm overflows and cleaning up our rivers, beaches and seas. The rollout of the water butt scheme is all part of that. For more details, please see

For 2024:
On planning, I want the Council to do the right thing and use the freedoms I have won for it in planning policy. 

On water, we will continue the rollout of the water butt scheme and Southern Water will roll out ground-breaking initiatives as part of their quarter-of-a-billion-pound investment in the Island.

Finally, I am campaigning for ‘Island Park’ status for the Island. This will mean better landscape protections and more support for protecting our natural world.