CLIC Sargent Campaign – Teen Cancer

Thank you to those who have written to me about the CLIC Sargent Campaign regarding the issues that affect young cancer sufferers.  

A cancer diagnosis has devastating consequences, especially for young people and their families.   

In addition to the personal toll a diagnosis can have, there are also serious financial ones, with 83 per cent of people say they are financially impacted by cancer.  This is especially true on the Island where there are added costs of transport to the mainland in order to get certain treatments.  Ministers are working closely with cancer charities to ensure patients get the support they need during and after their treatment.  In 2015 it was announced that everyone diagnosed with cancer in England will benefit from a tailored recovery package by 2020, a key recommendation in the Cancer Strategy.  The recovery package, developed by Macmillan Cancer Support, will signpost people to rehabilitation and financial support services to help with the costs of cancer.

In addition, children and teenagers with serious or critical illnesses such as cancer are entitled to apply for the Disability Living Allowance or a Personal Independence Payment if over 16.  This is a tax-free allowance, which contributes to the extra costs incurred by families in caring for children with additional needs and includes a mobility component.