Eating Disorder

Thank you to those who have written to me about eating disorders

I recognise the pain and distress caused by eating disorders, such as anorexia, the mental illness which kills more people than any other.  This illness is often devastating to both sufferers and their families.  However, with the right treatment, delivered on-time, these tragedies can be avoided. 

I understand that NHS England has sent a new access standard by 2020: 95 per cent of patients are to be treated within four weeks of their first contact with a healthcare professional.  Urgent cases will be treated within one week, and the worst emergency cases in children should find support within 24 hours.

The Government is investing an additional £30 million per year, until 2020, to improve community care for eating disorders, which has funded 67 new or extended Community Eating Disorder Teams across England.

Additionally, more money is being invested in wider mental health care than ever before, with over £1 billion extra funding into crisis care and perinatal services, as well as £1. 4 billion devoted to transforming mental health and eating disorder services for children and young people over the next five years.  

Eating disorders are an acutely distressing mental illness.  With the right approach and appropriate investment, I trust that the Government will be able to offer help, care, and a full recovery to those who currently suffer from them.