The Island’s MP, Bob Seely, has tabled an amendment to the government’s emergency Coronavirus Bill to ensure the Island can prepare resilience plans better.


Bob has asked for a clause to be added to the Bill that allows ferry companies to talk to each other to ensure cross-Solent travel disruption is kept to a minimum. The proposal also enables easier supplies of medicine and other essentials.


Bob said: “Normally competition law prevents the ferry firms talking to each other. This clause will make it easier and quicker for ministers to tell the ferries to talk – which they want to do – about resilience plans and if need be cooperate to ensure that service disruption is minimised. 

“That in turn will ensure that patients undergoing treatment on the mainland can get to the mainland and that supplies can get to the Island with the minimum of disruption.


The clause also ensures the provision of food, medicines and other essential goods by giving ministers additional powers.

“I want to stress that these are all precautionary measures, but I want to make sure the Island is listened to. 

“I am teaming up with other MPs from isolated or Island communities. This is about ensuring the Island’s needs are listened to and provision take into account.

“I will continue to push hard to make sure the government is taking into account the Island’s needs as it plans for the coming weeks and months.”

The emergency bill will be debated in parliament next week.