Today MP Bob Seely has put in objections to a significant development on one of the few remaining parcels of Greenfield land near Ryde, known as West Acre Park.

The application, submitted by Isle of Wight developer Captiva Homes, proposes the construction of the development of 475 homes on farmland in Ryde. 

Mr Seely said: “I do not oppose these homes for opposition sake. We need to build homes for Islanders. However, we need planning which complements our environmental aims; contributes to a more sustainable economic model in which young people have better access to affordable homes; and enhances our style and local areas."

Following subsequent meetings with over 200 residents to discuss development, MP Bob Seely has found significant local objection to the plans. 

Mr Seely has said he is concerned about this development for a number of reasons not least - he says - because it goes against the Isle of Wight Council's own planning guidelines. 

On the basis of local suitability and sustainability, MP Bob Seely says: “I believe the Isle of Wight’s housing policy should oppose all greenfield development unless that development has strategic advantage for Islanders and is supported by the local population. 

"It is clear that we need a better approach to land use on the Island. I am very much hoping that the Council will develop both a housing plan as well as an Island plan which has significantly less, or no, greenfield development.

“A greenfield extension to a strategic employer on the Isle of Wight is an exception; another housing development is not.”

Mr Seely has urged Islanders to look at the application and to make comment.