Sack Phillip Hammond

Thank you to those who have contacted me with concerns about our chancellor. 

I can assure you that every member of the Cabinet, including the Chancellor, is fully committed to taking the UK out of the EU by March 2019. The Government has always been united in its view that we need a good deal with the EU and I am optimistic that this will be achieved.

As the British People have made clear, leaving the EU means leaving the Customs Union and the Single Market. This means that the UK will regain control over all the issues you mention including immigration and the laws that affect the people of this country.

I believe that it is sensible to have a transitional period so that businesses and individuals have time to adjust to our new relationship with the EU. This is crucial to avoid creating a ‘cliff edge’ caused by increased uncertainty. However this period cannot be unlimited and I am confident that considering the excellent work of the Chancellor in keeping high levels of economic growth, we will be able to leave effectively.

It is this approach that I shall continue to lobby for in Parliament

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.