Universal Credit

Thank you to those who have written me to regarding the roll-out of universal credit. As many will be aware new claimants have been signing up to universal credit however many more will be coming onto the system as the rollout reaches the Island in the spring next year.

All major political parties agree with the principal of university credit. It should always be the case that work pays and the previous benefits system would often leave people better off working fewer hours, this is clearly wrong. There are some criticisms of the rollout of Universal Credit and I have listened to these both on the Island and from MPs

in Parliament. My view, however, is that the non-binding opposition day motion was driven for political reasons and I noted the lack of constructive within this motion. That being said there were some very valid criticisms, especially from Jess Phillips MP on Split Payments, an issue I intend to raise with ministers. As I said during the campaign I intend to put the Island first and therefore will not shy away from criticising government when required. I don’t think defeating such an important reform is the way to do that. As the Island fully switches over to the new system I shall raise all issues faced and would encourage Islanders to contact my office with relevant casework on this matter.